The doctor in charge of Britney Spears’ medical treatment has died at the age of 48.

Britney’s world sounds like a Hollywood movie, but unfortunately it’s real life.

Britney’s doctor who supervised the singer’s medical treatment, Dr. Timothy Benson, passed away on August 24th, TMZ reports. The cause of death is unknown, but they claim it’s due to an aneurysm.

The judge overseeing Britney’s conservatorship case was set to receive a report from him outlining her medical history and treatment. Earlier this year, the judge requested an overall mental health evaluation on the singer, as well as interviews with anyone connected to the conservatorship. Benson is a key player in that he can advise the judge whether the conservatorship is medically needed or not.

Fans are speculating there’s foul play involved.

Benson was a board-certified psychiatrist who also worked with NFL and NBA athletes. TMZ claims people close to Britney felt as if she needed care from a specialist who worked full-time on mental health issues.

One of the major questions the judge needs answering is if Britney’s medical treatment has helped or harmed her. Earlier this spring, Britney reportedly told the judge she was being forced to take medication and being held at a mental health facility against her will.

Meanwhile, Jamie Spears has asked the judge to step down temporarily as conservator – at least until January 2020 – and requests a woman named Jodi Montgomery to step in for him. Montgomery allegedly has a history of conservatorship abuse.

Mr. Spears’ request comes after a restraining order was issued against him following an altercation with Britney’s eldest son, Sean Preston. It bars him from seeing Sean and Jayden for at least three years. Because Mr. Spears is responsible for Britney’s well-being, but is barred from seeing her sons because he’s a threat to them, he’s no longer fit to serve as the conservator.

Britney’s mom Lynne act as the conservator, however it appears Mr. Spears is not comfortable with that. He recently filed to extend the conservatorship in 12 additional states outside of California – perhaps as a way to stop Lynne from intervening. She appeared with Britney at a court hearing earlier this year – the two sat on opposite sides of the court room from Jamie.

Mr. Spears requested an emergency hearing scheduled for Monday (Sep. 9). TMZ claims it will be a “non-event” and that Montgomery should be granted the role as Britney’s conservator.

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