It seems as if pop tart Britney Spears can’t catch a break. Now she’s reportedly being dissed by Shakira. The Colombian singer dishes that she does not want to be compared to Britney Spears. So much so – Shakira says she is ‘horrified’ when compared to American singer Britney, according to a published report.
Too mich skin for Shakira
They are both blonde and gorgeous but Shakira notes that her taste in men is by far very different from Britney’s. And Softpedia reports that she is right, if one compares Kevin Federline – unemployed dancer and singer wannabe, to Antonio De La Rua – the son of former president Fernardon De La Rua. Shakira has dated the last for several years.
To the chagrin of her male fans singer Shakira has also declared that she won’t be doing ****** anytime soon.
The **** Columbian singer has been advised by her mom – to keep her ***** and tush covered, and only show her **** midriff.
She said: “My videos represent the artist in me very well, but not the kind of woman I am. When they watch my videos, people might think that I’m very sexually aggressive person, but I am completely the opposite.
I’m very shy of my body. The most I can show is my belly.
I admire people who can do nudes for the love of art. I can’t. And I wear enough to cover what my mother wishes I cover.”
Bummer guys. But there’s always Brit when she gets back into shape.


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