Pop babe Britney Spears will give birth while listening to Disney tunes.
The 23-year-old ‘Toxic’ singer – who starred on Disney Channel’s ‘Mickey Mouse Club Show’ as a child – is said to have chosen her favourite songs from ‘The Princess Collection’ to help her cope with labour.
The **** star, who has reportedly battled terrible morning sickness and temperamental mood swings during her pregnancy, is due to give birth to her first child later this year.
Meanwhile, the 23-year-old’s husband, Kevin Federline, has made a tearful tribute to Britney. To a backing soundtrack, the former dancer gave a tearful performance during the finale of their reality show, ‘Kevin and Britney: Chaotic’, telling the singer: “I wanted to put this together just to kind of show you, baby, how much I care.
I love you more than life and I’d do anything for you”. He added: “She’s my angel, everything I’ve ever wanted in life, in a person, in a human being.
Her soul is caring She’s just a giving person You don’t see everybody like that.
The most wonderful things have happened to me with her and I can’t see myself with anybody else I love her more than anything”.

Source: FemaleFirst

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