It’s June but already Britmas is in the air…britney-spears-womanizer-vocals-leak-BreatheHeavy

UPDATE: The original demo has been removed and re-uploaded but you can listen to your heart’s content here:

People love, love, love to leak Britney’s un-retouched vocals, don’t they?

If there’s one criticism that people seemed to have of both “Pretty Girls” and “Tom’s Diner” it was that Britney’s vocals were too digitally altered, leading some people (presumably of very little intelligence) to question whether or not Brit can actually sing.

Well, although the latest in an ever increasing line of her leaked demos comes from 2008, it proves that Britney Spears can definitely hold a tune – vocoder or not.

Some eagle-eyed stans have unearthed the original cut of “Womanizer” – Britney’s second Hot 100 number 1 – and homegirl kills the original take. She doesn’t sound the most engaged we’ve ever heard her but she gets the notes she’s looking for, sings with purpose and just delivers all round really.

Now if only we could persuade Larry to get Brit into the studio and record a couple of takes like this for her live performances. We’ve all come to accept that Britney has a shall we say strained relationship with singing live, but a couple of well placed playback tracks would do wonders for her public image, even by giving the illusion of being live.

You digging “Womanizer’s” first cut?