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A Deep Dive Into Britney’s Danja Tracks

A close look at Britney's beloved Danja-produced songs.

Britney's tenth studio album, executive produced by Justin Tranter, could feature new songs crafted by producer Danja. According to an unearthed publishing on Danja's profile on Primary Wave, touted as one of the largest independent music publishing and talent management/production/entertainment companies, Danja has worked on multiple new songs with Britney. The posting is filed under the year 2019, likely because that's when his profile was updated to include Britney's new songs. Primary Wave has since deleted the posting, but the Internet is forever!

After news broke, the world of Britney erupted in celebration. It felt like the universe handed us a crumb of sustenance in a time when we are starved for new Britney music. Better yet – Danja and Tranter recently met up at a pre-Grammy party.

It's important Britney and Danja's new tunes, if they ever see the light of day, sound reminiscent of the old stuff, but with a fresh take. Let's take a walk down memory lane and dive into the songs Britney and Danja cooked up together. I hope you're hungry!

Perfect Lover

When Britney admits in the opening line that her body feels like an inferno, the listener is tossed into a sweltering sauna of sex and 808s. Her breathy pleas and sultry sound gyrate over Danja's pulsating, cinematic production. She confesses that the anticipation of a roll in the sheets is so intoxicating that she feels high. If you could take ecstasy through song, it's "Perfect F--ker." I mean "Lover."

Get Naked

I have it on good authority that when Blackout leaked the summer before its official release, Britney's favorite track was "Get Naked." No word on whether she's taken a liking to another track more in the time since, but probably not. Even though Brit never performed it in Piece Of Me, she highlight it in one the show's interludes (justice for Chase Benz). The glorious beauty of "Get Naked" is that the song doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't, like "If U Seek Amy." Britney incessantly demands to see nudity. She gets lost in a hazy fetish fantasy where skin is in, eventually admitting she, too, is game to play. "I just wanna take it off," she purrs. Things escalate as her confidence hits the roof when she sings, "if I get on top... you're gonna lose your mind." The song also eerily soundtracks some of her darker days when Brit was notorious for swapping outfits inside a club or going without them altogether.

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