Jamie Spears may not be legally in control of Britney Spears for much longer.

Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline filed a police report against Mr. Spears after he allegedly broke down Britney and Kevin’s eldest son’s door and violently shook him.

A judge granted a restraining order against Mr. Spears that bars him from having contact with Sean or Jayden for three years. That means he’s not allowed near the children while they’re in Britney’s care – she reportedly is required to have an adult monitor present during visitation. Because of the restraining order, Mr. Spears can no longer be that monitor, which means his role as her conservator is also threatened, The Blast reports. after the altercation, Britney took the boys home and called Federline to pick them up, showing she acted in her children’s best interest.

Britney’s visitation with her sons has been reduced as a result of the domestic dispute. It’s worth mentioning Britney’s team did not contest any of Federline’s requests for more custody. This could likely be a joint-effort in putting distance between Mr. Spears and the boys.

Federline’s longtime attorney tells People that they decided not to proceed with an “evidentiary hearing on the domestic violence order against Jamie.” Instead, they notified Britney’s lawyers and are attempting to work things out.

If Mr. Spears is legally responsible for Britney, but proves he’s a threat to her and/or her children’s safety, the courts will likely take that into consideration when deciding the pop star’s fate later this month.

Sources tell The Blast this new evidence will be front and center at the September 18 meeting.

Earlier this year, the judge requested everyone intimately connected to the conservatorship be interviewed, and issued an overall mental health evaluation on Britney. Those findings will also be presented.

It’s unlikely the conservatorship will be dissolved entirely come September 18, however the judge could potentially replace Jamie with someone more stable in Britney’s life. The most likely candidate is Britney’s mom, Lynne.

Last spring, Lynne lawyered up in an attempt to gain access to her daughter’s medical information. She also appeared with Britney at a hearing in direct opposition of her ex-husband.

Jamie recently filed to extend the conservatorship into 12 additional states outside of California in an attempt to block anyone from gaining control.

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