The judge wants answers.

Britney has remained under personal and financial conservatorships for more than 11 years, but she’s ready to stand on her own.

The pop star reportedly told the judge overseeing her conservatorship case she was held against her will at a mental health facility and given medication she didn’t want to take. She also reportedly asked to dissolve the legal restraints, but was denied. However, the judge took action following their closed-door meeting, ordering an all-encompassing evaluation regarding Britney’s mental health, as well as an investigation to those responsible for maintaining the conservatorship, The Blast reports.

That includes her guardians, conservators, doctors and law enforcement officials – people who take part in planning her personal life, financial affairs and medical treatment. They’ll have to prove to the investigator they acted with proper intentions. It’s worth mentioning TMZ reported at one point Britney’s situation amid the ********** era was so dire, she nearly died. Mind you, that was with the conservatorship in place.

The investigator has their work cut out for them. They’ll review Britney’s medical and financial records, as well as her custody agreements and even contractual obligations (**********). One of the questions the investigator will need answering… if Britney was in such a fragile state, why was she embarking on another Vegas residency. And if she wasn’t on the decline, why the mental health facility stay?

The judge will review the findings prior to the next court hearing in September.

Sources connected to Team Britney tell The Blast they are confident their work for the last 11 years managing Britney will speak for itself.

In March, Britney former co-conservator, Andrew Wallet, who received a raise in salary just months prior to his exit, abruptly quit.

One of the main initiatives with the Free Britney movement was to have the court system take a closer look at Britney’s conservatorship.

Larry Rudolph

Britney’s current manager, Larry Rudolph, curiously spoke about Britney’s situation. He essentially reiterated the narrative TMZ has pushed since the start – that her medications stopped working and it lead to a deteriorating mental state. He also said he hasn’t spoken with Britney in months and that she may never return to Vegas to perform again. Rudolph maintains he doesn’t want her working until she’s ready physically, mentally and has passion. He also distanced himself from the conservatorship, saying he took no part in it. Read the full story here.

The statements were really strange – commenting on his client’s medical history – and it could’ve landed him in hot water with Britney. A new report from Radar Online (so take it with a grain of salt) claims Britney and mom Lynne want to cut ties with him following his interview with TMZ.

“For him to go and share very private details about his client goes to show what type of manager he really is,” they report via some insider. “Larry used to be close to Britney but she does not trust him as far as she can throw him.”


There’s also buzz that Britney has filmed a tell-all interview with Gayle King to share her side of things finally. But be very cautious when reading this – it comes from a comment via Lipstick Alley – it began making the rounds.

Britney Spears recently filmed a sit-down tell-all interview with Gayle King and it is going to be SHOCKING when it finally does air, which may take some time because Britney’s handlers (including Larry Rudolph) are doing everything they can to try and stop it, but CBS is defying their orders like no other. It’s pretty incredible what they’re doing. They feel like Britney needs to be heard, and she finally feels like she was truly able to get her story out there. Lynne and Sam Asghari were also both with her during the filming of the interview. I’m told that when it does finally air, there won’t be a single dry eye in households after. Someone who was involved in the filming told me to think of it as “‘For the Record’ amplified” and said “forget the Britney we thought we know, this is who Britney is.” She opens up like she never has before, speaks out about her breakdown, her diagnosis, and speaks very highly of Kevin and his abilities as a father.

In the beginning of May, Radar Online (I know) claimed Britney wanted to film a tell-all, but was shut down.

See what Exhale is saying about that.

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