The#FreeBritney campaign is still in effect.

The Britney Army had high hopes that a judge would set the princess of pop free from her personal and financial conservatorships at the highly-anticipated January 22nd court date.

However, it does not appear much changed following the closed-door hearing.

The hearing

It’s unclear what changed regarding Britney’s legal restraints, if anything. Britney reportedly did not attend, nor did her mom Lynne Spears, who reportedly video called into the hearing with her representation.

A new hearing was set for April 21st to further discuss things further.

According to The Blast, Britney is fine with the personal conservatorship in place, hence why she hasn’t publicly spoken out against it. However, it’s worth noting last year Britney showed up to a court hearing and allegedly asked the judge to dissolve it after admitting she was indeed given medication and held against her will at a mental health facility prior.


Fans took to the streets outside the courthouse with colorful signs asking judge Brenda Penny to rid Britney from a conservatorship that prevents her from exercising basic civil liberties, like seeing who she wants without permission, driving and spending her money how she sees fit.

One fan said on Twitter: “even though it ***** seeing more dates constantly added on, we can’t give up fighting for Britney. she has been stuck in this conservatorship and we are the ones who made the dissolving process begin to happen, we can’t give up now!”

Said another: “Today is the day of the court hearing that will determine whether Britney Spears will be free from her conservatorship that has held her back professionally and personally for the past 12 years. We wish her all the best and hope she can finally have her freedom.#FreeBritney.”

“Britney Spears is a legendary, inspiring woman who has been through SO much. she deserves freedom and happiness, and I’m wishing the absolute best for her,” another fan wrote. “I hope the court decision today allows her to live her life on her OWN terms,” and, “This industry is so hypocritical. When Taylor is fighting for her masters everyone is talking about it, but when Britney is fighting for her human rights no one says a thing? Disgusting.”


Arguably one of the most iconic singers of our time, Cher took to Twitter to blast Team Britney.

“POSSIBLE …JUST ENOUGH MEDS TO KEEP HER WORKING,BUT NOT ENOUGH TO HAVE A LIFE,” she wrote in response to an article from LA Magazine about the conservatorship.


An illustration of Britney wearing her iconic “Slave 4 U” outfit hung on a cross made of one-hundred dollar bills made the rounds this week. It’s a grim take on Britney’s life in the spotlight. The artwork’s meaning: a slave to the industry, unwillingly giving up her youth for money. Needless to say, it’s inspired by Jesus Christ on the cross.

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TODAY 🙏🏻#FreeBritney by @yellow.yuri

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6 Responses

  1. Its telling that they dont even show up for the hearings anymore. …Why not?
    I’m glad someone famous spoke up and these accurate images are being made.
    I feel like what we need is a f#ck ton more momentum but so much time has passed the court has been made biased.
    There are too many questions unanswered, it doesnt make sense. I guess she wasnt held against her will and she’s just a liar?

    1. Hi Tom.. Check out the FACTS of this video. One of the biggest reasons Britney’s family and the music industry is manipulating her so much are related to “Slave 4 U”. It involves @PharrellWilliams @ChadHugo of course the @Neptunes, SONY / BMG / ZOMBA -Jive Records, Universal Music, and how the music industry used a back door of publishing through Canada to release this track to the world. Look up the former duplication company called CINRAM. They are the ones that were Corporate Headquarters for the world of physical copies of CD’s / DVD’s / BlurRays etc. They put the encoding onto all medium for sale. If you or anyone has additional questions and needs info, please contact me on my Breathheavy page, and I will do my best to respond. You will see the Court document that I served Dave Aude with Oct. 12 2019 on his birthday at Roscoes’ Tavern in Chicago, as just one of the many authentic Facts. Britney needs to find out the truth about all of what’s happened….we’ve both been used by the Music Industry. Thank you Kindly, I look forward to hearing from everyone.

  2. Guys, if Britney herself doesn’t publicly speak against this then that must mean something. It’s difficult for me to think that she’s incapable of doing so or doesn’t know how to or is not allowed to express herself. Maybe the conservatorship IS a good business deal for everyone after all, including Britney. It did get her out of trouble in 2007, and we need to acknowledge that because I honestly thought she was going to die at the time.
    On the one hand, Britney has said that she isn’t as free as she would like to be, but not a single worldwide megastar like her (there are a few: Elvis, MJ, Whitney, Madonna…) has ever been. And on the other hand, rendering her unable to defend herself is actually saying she’s not a strong woman, which sounds problematic to me.
    I don’t know, this is tiring, and I hate not having basic information to be able to form an informed opinion on this. I’m a ******** fan, I feel like I deserve to know what’s going on. I don’t have to know the details of course, but I think I do need to know for sure that all this is legal and that’s she’s truly in good health and OK with it.

    1. she always said she is a private person. she doesn’t want world to talk about her father or sending death letters to her family. i really do think she is in someway just coping with it everyday like she said in for the record. she wants her freedom cause she said about it on insta. she can’t be full co parent till she is out of cship. it is so dissapointing that her father put his wealth higher than his daughters well being. i do believe he still thinks he did right thing and saved her. that cship at fisrt were presented to her like temporary measure so she wouldn’t loose chances to see her kids. so i am wondering why then it became for 12 years and now she has so much to do to fight it. even her mother were ok with everything for 12 years. and don’t say me she didn’t knew she didn’t live on a desert island. she perfectly knew that is going on. they all were ok with that. even Britney herself might be fine until she could do whatever she wanted to like seeing her kids or going to vacation. but i also think she was telling things it’s just nobody really listened her. cause everyone is like she can’t care of herself she talks sh. even us fans never wondered why woman couldn’t care of herself made 3 tours after breakdown. and don’t tell me she was on meds so she was fine and then they stopped working. this thing is shady as hell. we never gonna know the truth. bc Britney herself also can’t tell probably bc this ppl r too powerful and she just scared of that they can do to her or her kids. I am sad that her father is in there milking her daughter till her death. i bet he started drinking cause he can’t sleep at night knowing that he did to his own daughter. i just hope she will at least regain some of her personal freedom cause i don’t think they ever gonna release her from financial cship. too much money to loose. that picture is perfectly saying that is all this industry about.

  3. I really don’t know anymore. I don’t want to say anything at the risk of getting dragged again. But I’m relieved to see all these comments. Atleast i’m not the only one. 🌟

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