Here is a poster from a website reportedy selling tickets for Britneys next tour to hit Europe. The site isnt in English but if anyone can translate the text from the site it would be extremely amazing, and if the translated text could be left in the comments section, then you shall be credited.

As far as i can make out tickets go on sale on Monday. Once again we would be extremely grateful if someone could translate! Thanks for the link!

Also as said by Lauren in the comments there is no comfirmed tour, and there is no proof this site is lagit, so i wouldnt buy tickets as this may be a scam. So watch out!

We have a translation. Thank you so much to Manzel Chapman for your translation of the terms and conditions and other text. To read the translation go to the comments section. It only says that tickets are on sale Monday…. We will keep you updated with any more information, once again a massive thank you to Manzel :laughing:

Click Here
to access the site

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