Get your coins out!

There’s only two types of people in this world: the ones that collect Britney Spears vinyls, and the ones that observe.

Just a few weeks after Urban Outfitters released a limited edition Blackout vinyl (read about my ordeal here), but they’re quickly following up with a limited edition Circus vinyl, available now on their website. Only 5000 copies will be made.


If you’re on the cusp, act quick; the Blackout vinyl sold out within a matter of hours, and Circus will likely do the same.

At the time of posting, UO didn’t have an accurate photo of the record – pictured is solid gold, but the website description assures purchasers it’s a gold and white swirl vinyl.

It will ship out on November 28th. πŸŽ„

Are YOU buying the Circus vinyl? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’m triggered that they took away the free shipping with orders over 50. It was there yesterday and for every other release. I hate urban so much. 

    Ps everyone buy Autobiography on vinyl, too. 

        1. Lol. I actually have a complete Britney collection including every Britney single pressed to vinyl on vinyl. Not each variant but each single that was officially pressed on vinyl I have on vinyl.

  2. Damn at this point I’ve started accounting Britney vinyl’s into my monthly budget. It feels like we’re getting a new vinyl drop once a month. And yes I’m buying once a month.

          1. Hmm seems unlikely they’re selling like crazy. I doubt they’ll even wait till march they practically dropping them monthly lol

        1. Hey wait… that sounds like a dandy idea! I think I’m gonna do that & like get β€˜em hard-backed and Saran Wrap them. lol poor guests who try to open it

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