Britney Spears Chihuahua Lucky Reportedly Snubs Kevin

May 25, 2005 By Jordan Miller

While chihuahua Bit-Bit, shown here, apparently doesn’t mind Britney Spears’ husband Kevin Federline, one source reports that another of her dogs, Lucky, growls at him.
The singer’s Chihuahua Lucky doesn’t like Kevin Federline and growls and snaps at him, according to the Star. Faced with the tough decision — hubby or hound — Spears selected her spouse.
“Britney was upset about it,” a source told the tab. “She couldn’t bring herself to give the dog to the pound…so she gave Lucky to an assistant.” Britney, however, reportedly “sneaks out and visits Lucky whenever Kevin is out.”
When asked if there was any truth to this earth-shattering report, Spears’ spokeswoman told The Scoop: “The truth is that Britney’s dog Lucky is living with an assistant until the house is finished.”