Britney Spears opens up in the week’s People Magazine in what appears to be a bit of an image rebuilding attempt. She channels Jennifer Aniston and even references Jen’s Oprah appearance and says she doesn’t expect pity.

But the one time huge pop star seems to realize that she needs an image boost after her much criticized ride with her baby in her lap in her Lincoln Navigator just last week and she gives it a shot with the interview. She still blames the paparazzi:

Asked about the photographers who track her every move, and her frustration is palpable. “I don’t really go out with him,” she says of Sean Preston. “And it’s kind of sad because I can’t walk down the street with the stroller. I’m not expecting people to pity me. I’m just telling the truth. I’ve pulled over and asked the cops, ‘Could you please help me? They’ve been driving recklessly back there.’ And they say, ‘Sorry, ma’am, I can’t help you.

This is how it is.’ I mean, Princess Diana got killed by one of these people. They’re crossing the line.” Is she bitter?

Then she looks up and shakes her head. “I sound bitter. I’m not bitter. I’m doing great. I really am. I’m happy. I’m very blessed. I have a beautiful home, a wonderful family, supportive, loving people around me. I have a great life.” She references Jennifer:

“Look at Jennifer Aniston–she went on Oprah just to say she’s okay,” says Spears. “It does affect you to a certain extent. It has to. I don’t take myself so seriously, but when you’ve been poked at and poked at, there’s going to come a time when you’re going to snap.”

Britney has a ways to go to rebuild. And while Jen noted that she wasn’t throwing any pity parties, she had a four and a half year marriage end. Britney is still married to K-Fed and has a beautiful baby.

I’m guessing few are going to give Britney that pity. But this interview is a good read, and the pictures are fantastic.

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