Britney Spears Put A Spell On Me

If Britney is planning on coming back from “Britney Jean,” she’ll need songs like this.

There’s a demo called “Hypnotic” (or “Spell”) floating around rumored for Britney. Now that it’s leaked, it obviously won’t ever make any album of hers, but it’s nice to imagine she’ll do something similar to this.

It isn’t a banger or a club anthem, and I appreciate that. We get it, Britney Spears creates great dance music, but we’re not going for that this time. We want ARTSY-FARTSY, Goddammit!

The demo’s giving me “Blackout” teas. Not that I want another “Blackout” (I do), but that vibe is encouraged!

It features a guy’s voice, but that’s not unusual.

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