Britney Gets To Work *****, But For What?

It’s all about Piece of Me for Britney Spears.

On Tuesday, Britney dropped by a dance studio with what some fans think is her vocal coach, furthering speculation she’s up to something. In our ideal little world it’s for a music video, but it’s probably for a new number she’s adding to the show. Or she’s simply spending $150 an hour on a vocal coach and $300 an hour to rent the studio space because she’s Britney freaking Spears and she can. That’s her prerogative!

Perhaps she’s learning new choreography for the next “Britney Jean” single which could potentially be “Body Ache,” or maybe reshooting scenes for a remake of the “Perfume” music video.

The rumored “Together In Electric Dreams” singer showed off her iconic pursed lips look complete with Dasani and iPhone 6 Plus.

Later that day, Brit took a (not that) innocent photo to promote Valentine’s Day shirts available for purchase at Saturday’s show.

Donate $250 and receive a limited edition V-Day tee, a teddy bear, and her Fantasy perfume.

So, what’s Britney Spears doing? Feel free to speculate then drool over how fun and urban she looks.


Image via X17online