Britney Spears Calls Z100 For a Chat About “Pretty Girls”

May 4, 2015 By Aaron

See what Miss Spears had to say about her new single with Iggy Azalea.


Britney dropped Elvis Duran a call this morning to talk about “Pretty Girls” and had plenty to say about her new single.

Britney Spears is well and truly hitting the promo trail for new single “Pretty Girls” with some interesting, exciting and unintentionally hysterical news about her upcoming projects, thoughts about working with Iggy Azalea and her current Vegas residency.

Check it out!

It’s a cute little interview so do give it a listen, but we’ve collected some of the highlights for you anyway.

Brit had nothing but nice to things to say about collaborator Iggy-Iggs, and spilled what it’s like to work with the “Fancy” star:

“[Iggy] was very, very cool, it was so weird I saw her video and I was just a huge fan and I was thinking about my next single for my next album and what I was gonna do and I wanted a girl anthem… that was kinda funny, and I thought the whole take on Valley girls and just kinda making fun of that whole thing would be fun for us to do.”

So Britney loves Iggy, which is great, but let’s focus on the salient part of that quote, shall we?

“For my next album…”


B9 is real, people, and it’s coming.

She also dished on meeting Iggy for the first time, and that damn salad that we keep hearing so much about:

“She invited me to her house and I met her dog and we had salads, she’s a just very sweet girl. We hit it off, it was so much fun to work with her, I think she’s from Australia so she has an accent. She’s funny, she’s really cool.”

I think I need Iggy to whip me up a salad too, because judging by how many times Britney has now mentioned their lunch of choice, that must be one hell of a romaine. Sadly, when quizzed about the type of salad her and Azalea dug into Spears revealed, “It was like a regular salad.” Disappointing.

Britney also opened up a bit more about the music video for “Pretty Girls”, set to drop next week, saying:

“This is the first video I’ve done in a while where I came up with the concept and there’s a lot of dancing in it. I got new choreographers to come in and do kinda like hip-hop dancing which I haven’t done in a really long time, so the feel of the video is really different and high energy, y’know?”

It’s nice to hear that Britney had a hand in the concept of the shoot, which up until now has seemed like a fairly Iggy Azalea dominated affair. What’s even more exciting is that Urbaney is staging a comeback with some “hip-hop dancing” – let’s hope she keeps her promise and we get a genuinely “high energy” effort.

Brit also had a chat about her Vegas show, ‘Britney: Piece of Me’, although I’m not to sure how inspired she found the question…

“[Yawns] Um, well it’s a very high impact show, I dmean Io all my hits, it’s like a journey doing the show, it takes you through all these different emotions. It’s really fun, but I don’t know why I’ve done my hardest show at 33, that’s kinda stupid.”

Yep, she yawned, let’s not even.

Overall, the interview was “really cool”. All jokes aside, Britney Spears sounded engaged, happy and genuinely excited about her next project which is all we can really ask for. Undoubtedly the most exciting update is that there does appear to be an album in the works, which negates Larry Rudolph’s earlier statement to Billboard magazine that they seriously thinking about a new LP because “albums just aren’t important in the digital age”.

Hopefully this’ll be the start of many more promotional interviews this era. Listen to the rest of the conversation to hear how much Britney tips when she orders two cokes in a diner (no, actually though).

Did you enjoy Brit’s chat with Z100?