“This is a dream come true for me!”

A new musical titled Once Upon a One More Time will debut this fall in Chicago before making its way to Broadway, the NY Times reports. The show uses the princess of pop’s musical catalogue to tell a story about fairytale princesses who learn to harness their feminine power, and Britney’s music will help inspire the characters’ journey.

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“In the show, a fortnightly book club whose members include Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty, is working its way through a collection of the Grimms’ fairy tales — the only book they have,” the NY Times says of the show’s concept. “But when the women wish for new reading material, a fairy godmother brings them Ms. Friedan’s feminist classic, ‘The Feminine Mystique,’ and their lives are altered in unexpected ways.”

The show includes 23 of Britney’s most iconic songs, and several deep album cuts.

Jon Hartmere, one of the writers of Bare, as well as a screenplay writer for The Upside, says “Cinderella is having an existential crisis, and she has a posse of famous princesses, and her stepmother is the main antagonist, and there’s also Prince Charming and a dwarf we’ve never met — the eighth dwarf — and a narrator who is unhappy his system is being dismantled before his eyes.

“These women have been in this hermetically sealed world, and then they start to get deeper into modern ideas — second and third-wave feminism — and also explore how stories are passed down to us, and where we get our norms from. But it’s also super fun and funny,” Hartmere continued.

Britney secretly attended one of the readings and has this to say about the show via Broadway World:

“I’m so excited to have a musical with my songs – especially one that takes place in such a magical world filled with characters that I grew up on, who I love and adore,” she said. “This is a dream come true for me!”

“Throughout her career, Britney has captivated fans across the globe with her singular brand of energy and resilience,” said theater owner, James L. Nederlander. “For three years, we have been working closely with her to develop a concept that perfectly encapsulates her unique spirit, and are so thrilled to finally bring this joyous and electrifying show to the stage.”

Previews for the show begin Oct. 29, and opens Nov. 13, through Dec. 1 at the James M. Nederlander Theater in Chicago. Interestingly, Britney’s show is replacing the Michael Jackson jukebox production, Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough, following HBO’s airing of Finding Neverland.

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