Britney Spears has slammed the staff of the New York diner she retreated to in an effort to escape a paparazzi army for ignoring her tears and taking snapshots.

The sobbing pop superstar went for something to eat in toy store FAO Schwartz’s restaurant after the paparazzi caught her stumbling in the street with baby Sean Preston in her arms.

But she found little sympathy from waitresses there.

Speaking on TV news show Dateline in America last night (15JUN06), Spears lashed out at the callous staffers, who wouldn’t let her dine in peace with her child.

She fumed, “Instead of the people inside of the place being like, trying to help or whatever, they wanted to take pictures as well.

“That’s when I started crying, when I thought, ‘You know what, you’re a mom, why are you asking to take my picture right now – and you see that I’m crying?

Are you that ignorant?'”

The photos of a lonely Spears sobbing in the diner were snapped up by New York’s newspapers.

Spears insisted she has been unfairly targeted by the paparazzi, who capture every motherly mistake she makes – like her May (06) street stumble, sparking national debates over her qualities as a young mum.

She explained, “Accidents happen. My brother, when he was, like, 13 years old, he got in, like, four motorcycle accidents and had to be airlifted (to hospital).

“Stuff happens with kids, it’s reality… Not everybody has 80 cameras on them 24/7.”

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