It’s vinylney, *****!

If you forgot to have Siri remind you last Friday that Urban Outfitters was releasing a limited edition pressing of Britney Spears’ best album of all time (fight me), Blackout, on vinyl, then you’re in luck. Sort of.

The black and white print of the first batch sold-out within a day. The first print is the version die-hard fans want the most. It’s also worth more. If you didn’t jump online last Friday to purchase one of the 5000 copies, you missed the boat; no additional copies in black and white will be made.

However, there was so much of a ruckus about it that Urban Outfitters immediately replaced the original listing with a second limited edition pressing of Blackout, only this time it’s on a clear record. Like I mentioned, it’s not the original, but if you are a collector – owning the second edition is better than nothing! Unlike the original, which will arrive to purchasers this month, the clear version won’t be shipped until December.

I purchased first-edition copies of Baby, Oops!, Britney and In The Zone, so when I realized last Sunday that I forgot to buy Blackout all I saw was red. After obsessively refreshing my shopping cart on UO (denial at its finest), I came to terms with the idea that I ****** up.

I’d like to invite you to look at my Twitter meltdown.

Determined, and willing to stop at nothing, even when my common sense knocked on my frontal lobe to tell me to chill the **** out, I couldn’t stop. Like a train heading towards a cliff, and me, the conductor, willing to go down with it, I found two remaining original copies on eBay for double the price. What’s rent?

Had I known that UO would re-release it within 48 hours would I have waited? Absolutely not. For $150, I now have two copies of the first edition on the way my *******.

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this post, I want to congratulate you. You must really like me. Or like gawking at car wrecks. Anyway, I mentioned getting two copies of the original Blackout vinyl. Should I give one away on BreatheHeavy? Leave a comment and let me know whether I should keep both or share a copy. Happy Blackout season!

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        1. haha… BJ has actually quite some good songs (to my opinion …this still does not make it better than Circus) but the fact it feels unpolished makes it the least interesting one. Also in terms of era, Circus era was pretty damn good.

          1. Oh, I totally get why someone might not be into BJ, but I like the gritty-ness of BJ minus “It Should Be Easy”. Circus has it’s moments for me but feels sorta thrown together for me. I guess Circus has a few bigger bops but overall, if I have to listen to an entire album, I’d prefer BJ. An “Alien” inspired tattoo is on my to-do list.

  1. I’m happy that you got a copy. I was in disbelief when I read tour Twitter… also because I usually miss out on these things with the time difference. I won’t believe I have mine until it’s in my hands though

  2. I have a copy of the original BOMT vinyl, and I actually bought a rather good vinyl player just for it, but then I couldn’t afford to buy all the others so I’m pretty much feeling dead inside right now with all the other amazing releases. So I read your whole post and believe me, I was crying right alongside you. Then I read that finally you ended up buying tw—omg I can’t even say it you bish!! Share one please?!

  3. So I’d been very emotional and on the verge of tears for a few days, and then… I look online and see that I also missed the Blackout vinyl presale… literally catapulted me into hysteria. I cried for 30 minutes straight, I know it wasn’t directly because I missed the presale, but it definitely triggered it.
    I have all the 1st pressings of her 4 previous albums and I’m sad that I had to settle for the clear vinyl instead. I’m not paying $100 for a copy of the black and gray swirl (just yet,) so if you did a giveaway it would give me so much hope for a brighter future!!!

  4. ooh ooh baby,
    I got a plan, GIMME gimme the Blackout
    your Radar may be Hot as ice it it don’t break the ice cos me and you know I prefer a FREAKSHOW and
    cos I know you’re the Perfect lover,
    then why should I be sad?

  5. When I realized I missed getting the Blackout vinyl, which I think most of us fans have been waiting for, I was about to burst into tears. I kept refreshing the page hoping it would be back in stock. Please have it as a giveaway. It’d make us fans so happy, hopefully me πŸ˜†

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