Britney chats with BBC Radio 1 during her time in London.

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Britney chats with BBC Radio 1 during her time in London.

If you’re a Britney fan and you watched the pop star’s recent set at the Apple Music Festival in London on Tuesday (Sep. 27), you’re well aware of back walkoverney. During a section in Piece Of Me’s “Touch Of My Hand,” Britney literally flips upside down with a spot from backup dancer Chase Benz. During that bit in London, Benz was replaced by a different dancer for reasons unknown, and it freaked Britney out to the point where she went to attempt it, and at the last second changed her mind (no seas cortes).

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Britney explained: “When I was younger, I could do backflips. I was a gymnast. I could do all kinds of things,” she said. “I put a back walkover in my show. Actually, last night… I freaked out. I put my hands up and there was the new guy there. Usually, I have my signature guy that helps me with it for the past three years… but there was a new guy. It was his first time to touch my back, and I couldn’t do it.”

Brit added she ditched the move because she was “scared.”

Another interesting revelation is Britney’s attitude towards chart success: “I’m into the numbers. I’m very aware of what’s going on. I want to know where [the music’s] mark is.”

She also opens up about the prank Sean and Jayden pulled on her, her advice to the boys if they wanted to become pop stars (“let’s think about this”), Glory charting in the UK, tries out a few accents.

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