9-1-1 pop emergency!

The thirst for new music from Britney Spears is at an all-time high. We’ve officially crossed the mark for the longest stretch of time in between singles since her career began. It appears a fan took matters into their own hands to breathe some life into Brit’s discography.

There’s a newly uploaded playlist on Spotify right now that features dozens of unreleased (but not new) b-sides, including “911,” “Guilty,” “Love 2 Love U” and many more. There are also demos, like Blackout’s “Cold As Fire,” “Perfect Lover” and even her Pepsi recording. It’s much more convenient to listen to versus jumping through YouTube’s hoops. It’s also a lot of fun to revisit some songs you probably haven’t streamed in a while.

At the time of posting, the playlist, which looks like it’s under Britney’s official account, was available. Stream quick, because it’s unlikely it’ll be online for much longer.

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  1. omg this is amazing….. If this doesn’t show the world why Britney is so necessary to the pop culture of our planet, then I don’t know what will. She’s so creative, quirky, exciting… And I freaking love “Amnesia”! There are so many gems in here though.

  2. For Christ’s sake, someone rip it ALL and zip it on MEGA before it gets taken down :despair: There’s 2 or 3 demos there I doubt most people had ever head.

  3. It’s been pulled from Spotify. And now after 10+ years of Breatheheavy creepin…I just created an account to ask if anyone was able to save it somehow.
    (Antisocial I may be, but my 7 Britney tattoo’s back up my fandom level ;))

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