The pretty girl is all smiles at her boy’s game.

Britney Spears Attends Son's Soccer Game

Britney enjoys her kid’s soccer game before busy “Pretty Girls” promo schedule.

How does the princess of pop unwind from a string of shows in Vegas ahead of her performance at the Billboard Music Awards (and rumor has it press in L.A. & New York City)? By attending her son Jayden’s soccer match in SoCal on Sunday!

The “Tom’s Diner” diva met up with other moms on the sideline to cheer their kids on. Kevin Federline attended the game as well, but the two didn’t interact much (we wonder why). Last month, K-Fed reminisced about his marriage to Britney, saying “It was a good time in my life. We have two beautiful children. The way that everything has turned out, everyone is happy.” But don’t think for a minute the two are buddy buddy.

The schedule has been worked out over time. We talk when we need to. It’s always about the boys, mostly school stuff and making sure we stay on top of that. It’s going great.

Here’s a video of it:

But more importantly, Britney rocked a fedora and aviators.

I am sitting in the morning at the soccer field on the corner.

(Image via Splash News)