Britney gives back on her day off.

Britney made an appearance a back to school event benefitting The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

On the one day in between shows this week, Britney attended an event benefiting The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation at the Zappos Campus in Downtown Las Vegas. Britney struck up a partnership with The NCCF last November when she announced Nov. 5 in Las Vegas is officially Britney Day, saying she’s “teaming up with Zappos and the Nevada Childhood Cancer foundation to help the children and families of Las Vegas.” Since then, she made appearances with the kids at a petting zoo event in downtown as well as a one-off event.

On Thursday (Aug. 20), Britney swung by old Vegas to chat with the kids, handout backpacks and spend time with kids less fortunate. If the photos are anything to go by, Britney lit up and looked radiant during the outing.

Britney returns to the stage tonight for another Piece Of Me show followed by a another slated for Saturday.