Britney looks like she’s having the best time ever tricking potential new bodyguards.

Britney joined Joe Jonas on Neil Patrick Harris’ new live show.

Just one episode in, Harris is pulling out the big guns with his latest endeavor. Britney guest starred in a new bit titled “Voices in Your Head.” Harris and Jonas team up with Britney in Las Vegas, and the Piece Of Me singer has to follow their instructions as she interviews potential bodyguards.

It’s refreshing to see Britney act goofy and spontaneous, even taking it upon her own discretion to add a little comic relief to the already funny scenario.

Britney Tweeted, “It’s always a good time hanging out with @ActuallyNPH… but tonight we’re having the @BestTimeEver!!?? Tune in at 10/9c on @nbc!”

The episode aired Tuesday night (Sep. 22), but you can watch it in full below:

It’s Britney, *****!