Listen To Britney Spears’ Version Of Xtina & Nelly’s “Tilt Ya Head Back”

March 21, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Update: Listen to a snippet.


UPDATE: They followed through! Listen to a clip below:

That one time Christina Aguilera recorded a Britney Spears leftover track.

In 2004, Britney recorded “Tilt Ya Head Back” with Nelly for his album Sweat, and although Britney wanted to release the song, her label Jive felt it was too urban and rejected it. Cue Christina Aguilera, who jumped on the song afterward and co-released it with Nelly, but Britney’s version was nowhere to be seen… until now.

Radio hosts Vernetta Lopez and Mike Kasem claim to have the song and have plans to premiere it today. Kasem admits to being in the studio when Britney and Nelly first recorded it. Both posted a heads up on Instagram.

Lopez said:

“We’re doing the worldwide release of a song that Britney was supposed to do with Nelly, but Christina did eventually! @mikekasem had the demo cd with him for years and WE’RE playing it Tomorrow Morning at 8am on ‘Live!’ With Mike and Vernetta in @gold905 !! Hope Britney and Christina and Nelly don’t sue us! #neverreleasedbefore @britneyspears @christinaaguileranews”

Kasem added:

Don’t forget to catch the never heard or released to the public version of #britneyspears #TiltYaHeadBack I was in the recording studio with #nelly and Britney when they recorded this. Britney decided not to use it and #christinaaguilera ended up releasing it. But the thing is Britney left it in my car!! 8 am tomorrow we will play it on #LivewithMikeandVernetta @vernettalopez this is gonna be a show to remember tomorrow!

Naturally, the thought of a new Britney track surfacing forced the Britney Army into a frenzy, causing the radio hosts to have second thoughts. Kasem Tweeted: “A bit worried about legal issues Not sure wanna upload.”

Not smart to promise a never-before-heard Britney song then take it back. Pray to Godney they follow through!

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