Britney Spears will see her boys less, according to the new custody arrangement.

UPDATE: Britney Spears’ custodial rights may have been reduced due to a physical altercation between Jamie Spears and her 13-year-old son, Sean. Read the new report here.

The princess of pop has had a tough year, and things aren’t looking up. A judge granted Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline 70% custody of the boys. That means Britney will receive 30% unsupervised custodial rights. The former couples’ previous arrangement was reportedly 50-50.

TMZ claims this arrangement has been in place since last August, but after a year-long trial run it is now permanent.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

Earlier this year, Britney was admitted into a mental health facility – reports claim Britney told the judge she was forced there against her will and given medication she didn’t want to take. This inspired the #FreeBritney movement, which prompted the same judge to issue an unscheduled court hearing. That meeting resulted in several action items: review everyone connected to the singer’s conservatorship, and issue a mental health evaluation on Britney.

Britney’s lawyers are asking the judge to seal her medical information because if it was released it could cause harm to her and her sons.

Jamie Spears is attempting to expand Britney’s conservatorship into 12 additional state outside of California.

Fans wonder if Britney’s custodial arrangement is a tool used to force compliance. This year, it appears Britney made several moves to regain control over her personal life. She also reportedly expressed to the judge she wants out of the conservatorship. Mr. Spears said on the record he and his daughter have a strained relationship.

A hearing to discuss the findings is set to take place on September 18th.

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