It might have taken 11 weeks, but Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline finally came out of hiding on Wednesday to attend the 2004 Billboard Music Awards.

With her new baby — puppy “Bit Bit” — in hand and Kevin by her side, Britney posed for photogs for about 13 seconds then made a break for her screaming fans. Soon after, Kevin grabs his wife and whisks her away to meet the press where Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts was there to speak with the newlyweds.

Tony: “I didn’t know how to address you. Is it Mrs. Federline?”

Britney: “Britney Spears-Federline.”

Tony: “How great is it to come out here as a married couple? Kevin, I’ll ask you first.”

Kevin: “It’s wonderful.”

Yes folks, there it was. Kevin’s first words to the press – but they wouldn’t be his last.

“It’s wonderful. The best thing is just being in love,” Kevin said as he leaned over and kissed his new bride on the forehead.

“The world wants to know what you’ve been up to,” Tony noted. “Have you been at home cooking? Do you cook? Do you order out?”

“A little bit,” Britney said.

“A little bit of everything,” Kevin adds with a smile.

“What kind of smile is that?” Tony laughs.

“That’s a happy smile. When it comes to food, I’m happy!” Federline joked.

So why did they choose the Billboard awards as their first public platform as husband and wife?

“It just happened,” Kevin admitted. “It wasn’t planned.”

“It just happened. We just wanted to come to Vegas and yeah,” Britney added.

And how did Kevin feel about Brit being nominated for a Grammy for best dance video (“Toxic”)?

“I’m very proud of her always, no matter what it is,” Federline explained.

Certainly, Kevin had even more to be proud of at Wednesday’s awards. Not only did Britney present Kanye West with the award for rap artist of the year, but she also took home her own award for hot dance single for her song with Madonna “Me Against the Music.” thanks

Source – Access Hollywood

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