Bratt Pitt and Esperanza Spalding are also featured in the exhibit.

Britney Spears And Katy Perry Featured In National Portrait Gallery Exhibit

No Kardashians allowed.

Britney Spears and Katy Perry’s pop culture impact is undeniable and their legacy is part of a brand-new exhibit called “Eye Pop: The Celebrity Gaze,” courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery. If you live in Washington D.C. area, make sure you stop by to catch the showcase, which focuses on celebrating some of the most influential folks in the world.

Exhibit curator Brandon Fortune pointed out that there are no Kardashians involved in the project, stressing that the focus of the exhibit revolves around those that have made a moving contribution to our history and culture even if they are some of Hollywood’s biggest.

We focus in our collecting efforts on people who have made a significant contribution to our history and culture, and some of these people and many of the subjects included in ‘Eye Pop’ are also absolutely world-recognizable celebrities.”

While Katy is celebrated via an over-the-top painting of the singer straight out of her Teenage Dream era (with a candy-coated ensemble to match), Spears’ celebration is a little more, erm, trippy. For the “Pop Icon: Britney” section of the exhibit, artist R. Luke DuBois created an almost-6 minute moving collage using B’s videography. To top it off, the collage is framed in gold and accompanied by ethereal sounds (portions which were recorded in an old church in Italy).

Fortune assumes that DuBois decided to pair the visual with this particular soundtrack to compare the intensity of celebrity devotion with the following of a religion. “Eye Pop: The Celebrity Gaze” begins on Friday (May 22) and will run until July 10.

Take 6 minutes to bask in what feels like Britney mecca.

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