Let’s hope they’re recording studio buddies as well.

Britney Spears And Diplo Are Bikram Buddies

Let’s pray to Godney a collaboration between Britney and Diplo is in the works.

A few weeks back, Diplo posted a suspicious photo manipulation of his face super-imposed on Britney’s famous Piece of Me promotional pic – urging fans to check out his gig that night at XS nightclub in Vegas. Of course the Britney Army jumped to wild conclusions that he and Britney are cooking something up in the recording studio, and the rumor appears to be gaining some traction. On Wednesday (July 29), Diplo posted a rhyming Tweet about him and Brit Brit getting their yoga on, saying “i struggled for years.. now I’m doing doing bikram with britney spears.”

Either the “Lean On” mastermind means he is literally practicing yoga with the Queen, who was recently spotted finding her namaste on the beaches of Hawaii, or bikram yoga is a reference to the recording studio, and we’re leaning towards the latter.