Britney Spears’ “3” Returns To The Dance Charts

October 30, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Meanwhile, Celine Dion is suspect for a drop in Britney’s Piece Of Me ticket sales.

Britney Spears' "3" Returns To The Dance Charts

Britney Spears’ song “3” from 2009’s The Singles Collection launches back onto the charts after wardrobe malfunction.

Two weeks ago, Britney experienced a bit of trouble during her “3” number at a Piece Of Me show. The back of her costume wouldn’t zip up, and she was forced to carry on the rest of the performance with her entire back exposed — the video below showing what went down became viral after people noted how professional and composed the princess of pop remained under pressure (@ 1:38).

The controversy stirred up enough chatter to spark 4.5 million views on that video to date — resulting in 1.3 million streams (up %766) of the song — 94% of them from the video. It caused such commotion the song makes an appearance on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Streaming Songs chart this week at No. 16.

The song hasn’t charted since 2010.

Is Celine Dion’s show hurting Britney’s Piece Of Me ticket sales?

Meanwhile, a report surfaced claiming Celine Dion’s return to the Las Vegas strip has impacted Britney’s show in the worst way, causing a decline in ticket sales.

One source tells Fox News, “It’s a Vegas war now that Céline is back, and Britney is losing in a major way. Céline has sold out almost every show.”

We certainly wouldn’t use the phrase “losing in a major way,” and other industry insiders agree. They claim her audience is generally younger and don’t buy tickets to shows the way Celine’s older audience does.

“Britney got off to a really good start, but her fans aren’t particularly Vegas people,” said one source. “It’s hard to keep people interested in an act like Britney Spears since she’s a 1990s, 2000s pop star. That fan base doesn’t really come to Vegas to see shows.” These days, “They’re there for the EDM scene and DJs.”

Another alleged insider told Page Six, “[Spears’ ticket sales] have nothing to do with Céline. Acts like Céline and Elton John have had adult fans for many years and they go to Vegas to see them regularly. Britney’s fans are young adults who grew up with her as little girls. How many times do they [go to] Vegas?”

They added, “she can fill arenas, but a residency is another beast. A residency is different from a worldwide tour. Those seats have to be filled every night, and that’s difficult to do with a younger fan base.”

We’re not sure shows get renewed for two more years if it’s underperforming, ya dig?