Financial documents in Britney’s conservatorship case reveal the pop star’s largest expenses in 2018.

Britney has a court hearing regarding the status of her conservatorship on Thursday (August 15). The people in charge of it are required to list the money going in and out of her account.

This year, Britney’s conservatorship became a point of contention as fans charged forward with the #FreeBritney movement, a campaign that urges the court system to take a hard look at the legal restraints placed upon her.

According to newly-filed court docs obtained by The Blast, Britney spent $400,000 in expenses.

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$66,000 were spent on “household supplies,” which included trips to Home Depot and Ralphs grocery store. The Blast claims Miss Brit made more than 80 transactions at Target in 2018.

Elsewhere, Britney spent $70,000 on travel expenses, including a 4-night stay at the Beverly Hills Montage last November that cost over $16,000.

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Britney was a big spender on clothes and vanilla candles, but it amounts to less than half of what she paid in fees to keep her conservatorship operating. The new docs state Queen B spent over $1 million to pay her conservators and case management advisors, including dad Jamie, who earned $128,000.

“Britney’s portfolio is staggering, with enough investment accounts, mutual funds and trusts set up to make any accountant’s head spin.”

The Blast

Earlier this year, the judge overseeing Britney’s conservatorship case ordered a review on the conservatorship, including those involved, as well a mental health evaluation on the singer.

Britney spent most of last summer touring Piece Of Me. That helped her take home $2.5 million more than she earned in 2017. Her total assets clock in at $59,079,755.76.

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