You ain’t foolin’ anyone.

You ain’t foolin’ anyone.

No one really knows quite what to do with themselves in between the week of Christmas and New Year’s. While we attempt to fill this puzzling void, treat yourself to a new remix of Britney’s Glory cut “Liar” by Exhale member Neemz.

His version strips away the fiery angst brimming throughout the F U anthem, replacing it with a glorious ’80s-inspired intro that leads into scattered harmonious guitars accompanied by Brit’s unedited vocals. The re-working also includes some never-before-heard ad-libs.

Celebrate The New Year With This Entrancing Remix Of Britney Spears’s “Liar”: Premiere

“‘Liar’ was a stand out track for me on Glory,” Neemz tells BreatheHeavy. “I was waiting for a good breakup / F U kind of song from Britney again.”

He adds: “The original version of the song has a very old western movie feel to it and I wanted to make it a little more raw/rock like during the verses.

Neemz said he could imagine the intro kicking off a world tour (if she embarks on one).

“Obiously the vocals at the end are a HUGE stand out for many fans,” he continued. “Britney’s voice is so unique and should be more prominent. That’s why I did it.”


And just for good measure, Neemz also concocted a mashup featuring Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around Comes Around,” because we all know who “Liar” is really about.

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