Oops!… She did it again!

The 2008 VMAs delivered significant improvements over last year’s show in the ages 12-34 demographic MTV targets – the highest-rated telecast on all of cable in this demo.

“According to Cable Fast National. data, the 2008 installment of the VMAs delivered a 7.4 18-34 rating for the network, a 15% increase over 2007 and 41% increase over 2006.

When the simulcast on MTV2 is taken into account, the VMAs delivered an 8.1 grossed rating in the demo across the two networks.

All told and across the two networks during its time period, the 2008 VMAs reached more than 23 million viewers two-plus, with more than 12 million 12-34.

The VMA preshow also delivered an improvement over 2007, averaging a 4.1 12-34 rating, up 32% over last year.

Also seeing a boost from the VMAs was MTV.com. VMA-related pages on the site delivered more than 10 million page views, a 110% increase over last year.”

Earlier in the year, Britney starred in several guest-role appearances for CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother,” attracting than 2 million+ more viewers to their average audience.

She’s ratings gold!

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