Legs for days.


Legs for days.

Paparazzi in Westlake, CA caught the “Make Me” singer grabbing a bite to eat with her mom Lynne Monday afternoon. The Princess of Pop kept it casual in a pair of short-shorts, a pink flowy top and wedges A.K.A. my after-hours outfit.

X17online filmed some video of it:

While Brit was chowing down, the Britney Army was freaking out over whether a “Make Me” video reshoot is actually a thing. During one of two interviews with Australian radio this week, Brit said the video concept for a clip she recently shot centers around her and her girls auditioning guy dancers. In other words, nothing to do with the leaked clips shot by David LaChapelle.

“The video that I just shot is me and all my girls,” she said. “We’re making guys audition for us. The whole theme is us basically playing with them. It’s really kind of fun.”

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