Britney Shows Off Growing Tummy

March 3, 2006 By Jordan Miller

Pop babe Britney Spears may deny a second pregnancy but her body tells a different story. New images of the singer in New Orleans add more fuel to the pregnancy rumor flames, Spears was snapped with a huge baby bump or just a fat stomach. I have been secretly hoping that Britney was just fat… I am not sure how much longer I can hold onto that….

If Spears is pregnant that means she got knocked her up just days or weeks after she was allowed to have *** after the birth of her cute baby boy… this would also mean no new album until 2007… I really don’t think the world is ready for a pregnant Britney performing **** music. Meanwhile Celebrity Weekly Star Magazine reports on the ongoing drama between Spears and her husband Kevin Federline..

When newlyweds choose to not spend Valentine’s Day together, there are clearly problems with the relationship. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were miles apart on February 14th. “Britney reminded him that it was Valentine’s Day, and Kevin mumbled that he had made a commitment to his friends and couldn’t break it,” a source tells Star. “Britney snapped! She said, ‘Yeah, you made a commitment to me, too, and you’ve broken that.’”

Britney then decided to escape to Hawaii with baby Sean, his nanny, and her personal assistant. Before her flight, she left a note for Kevin telling him that she would be away until at least March 1, and asked him to move his things out of the house before then. Then, while she was away, news of Kevin’s flirting continued to circulate through the media. “She saw those pictures of him with the blonde and it just makes her more sure of her decision,” says the source. “Kevin is acting so cocky, like Britney is going to come running back to him. But this time, she won’t.”