I SUPPOSE this is what BRITNEY SPEARS must mean by “HANGING OUT”.
The fallen pop princess went on yet another shopping spree in Los Angeles but made the unwise decision of not wearing a bra.

Shoppers were stunned to see Brit’s prominent, erm, Thrupenny Bits as she nipped out with her dog.

And I’m not even going to start on that dress. Really poor wardrobe choice, Brit.

You’d think with the amount of shopping she does these days she would have picked up something decent to wear — or at the very least some undies.

BRITNEY also came in for some criticism yesterday for her new-found faith in KABBALAH.

Top religious leaders blame her and the string of showbiz devotees to the mystical Jewish faith for watering down the ancient traditions and beliefs.

Critics claim BRITNEY, MADONNA and other celeb chums are simply making fashion statements, like the red Kabbalah bracelet she’s wearing here.

Then again, Brit is hardly famed for making fashion statements these days.

thanks toxicbritney.com

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