Girls roll up, windows roll down.


New clip of “Pretty Girls!”

Day two of Britney’s “Pretty Girls” shoot commences.

Yesterday, Britney filmed scenes for the “Pretty Girls” music video with Iggy Azalea – knocking out scenes riding on top of a convertible and driving around in a yellow jeep. Today those cars make a trip to the car wash.

Onlookers say Britney and a group of female dancers were rehearsing choreography in a parking lot next door in between shots.

It's Britney ***** #moveinon #video #behindset #britneyspears is here filming her new video !!!

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There’s also apparently scenes where the girls spray pink water out of hoses. Combine that with clips of Britney rolling around L.A. and you have a summer smash on your hands!

“Pretty Girls” is shaping up to be a colorful trip to the ’80s!