Britney is shooting her music video for 3 in FOUR weeks!

Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph, opened up to the Las Vegas Weekly this weekend denying rumors Britney will shoot the music video this weekend in Sin City.

“Totally untrue,” said Larry. “It will be filmed in about four weeks’ time in Los Angeles.”

Larry also denied rumors claiming Britney will film a special in Vegas for ABC

“We tracked that one down. Somebody started it as a joke. Then it became a rumor. Somebody then sent out fake invitations to attend the taping, and suddenly it all became solid fact. There is no TV special taping while we are in Las Vegas. Please print that and end the rumors.”

Done! And yea… real hard to track down…

Sorry bout that one!

Larry also revealed there will be a big bash after Britney’s “Circus” show tonight to celebrate the final North America show – no details given.


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