Britney Shocks Agents With Possible Pregnancy

May 1, 2006 By Jordan Miller

Singer BRITNEY SPEARS’ agents are shocked at news their star client may be pregnant again, because she has given them no warning.

Last week (ends30APR06), media reports in the US claimed the singer and her husband KEVIN FEDERLINE were expecting a second child – just months after the birth of

their son SEAN PRESTON.
The singer’s agents have been trying to help the star launch her film career, but have been left in the dark regarding her family plans.
A source from the William Morris Agency tells website, “It came as a shock. She doesn’t need the money. So there’s not the usual desperate drive on her part.
“She’s constantly changing her mind. One minute she wants to be an actress, the next minute she wants to fly to Maui to record a new album.

“It seems like she’s not sure she knows what she wants to do, which makes being her agent frustrating.”
Spears was reportedly eyeing the role of JANIS JOPLIN in an upcoming biopic, but if she is pregnant, she wouldn’t be able to take on the challenging part.The source adds, “She really wanted to do it, but she knows she can’t.”

Credit: pr-inside