Is Britney Spears finally set to stand up and set hubby Kevin Federline straight? In a report set for publication this week, Life & Style Weekly will disclose that sources claim that Brit is finally telling K-Fed what most already know – Britney is the star.

The weekly magazine reports that on April 1, Kevin Federline was on the mike at Dallas’ Club X, performing songs from his upcoming album, Playing With Fire. One fan later wrote on her blog that no one was impressed by Kev’s performance. But the crowd responded differently when Britney Spears arrived. “Kevin performed a few songs live from the DJ booth,” Mike Esterman, who booked the party, tells Life & Style.

“But when Britney walked in, the crowd went crazy.”

That makes sense. Without Britney at his side – or the chance that she may show could Kevin even draw a crowd?

Life & Style concludes that may not have been the reaction Kevin was looking for. “It’s always about Britney – or Britney and Kevin as a couple – but these events are about Kevin,” says a K-Fed insider, who adds that Kevin arrived at the club solo to keep the spotlight on him only. (Brit arrived about half an hour later.) “I’m not even sure Kevin thought she was coming, because he was just focusing on himself.” Memo to K-Fed – that’s going to be a tough sell.


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