Britney’s tours travel around the world, but next tour you might need to come to her… in Las Vegas!

The Las Vegas Sun‘s learned negotiations for Britney performing a string of shows in Sin City at a major hotel is in a “very serious stage.”

“She is the one and only logical all-around star with a full touring production spectacular made for Las Vegas now that hotels and nightclubs are partnering up to land the biggest talents,” said an insider.

“Britney has one very real proposal on the table, but now that it’s definite she’s leaving ‘X Factor’ with a Las Vegas show finally in her future, it’s likely there will be a bidding war by other properties on and just off the Strip.”

This is not the first time a rumor like this popped up. Last year, it was rumored she headline a show at The Joint at Hard Rock several nights a week.

“Now it’s far more likely than ever before,” I was told. “She wants to do it. If all the pieces come together for a mini-residency and several weekend engagements through the year as wanted, it will finally happen.”

I couldn’t live in a better city…

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