Britney sold her home in the Summit, the house where she was famously strapped to a gurney, for a million dollars more than the asking price, reports

Britney’s people listed the house for $2,995,000, but real estate sources say it sold for $4,253,000.

Because Britney is under a conservatorship, “there will be a hearing on the sale next month, and anyone can come to court and overbid the accepted offer.”

However, TMZ says Britney and Jason Trawick will rent a house for the short term until they find something they want to buy, but fail to mention she’s lived in a handful of houses since. Whether Britney’s currently moving from her home in Thousand Oaks remains a mystery.

So if you’re a multi-millionaire and a crazed Britney fan, you too can have the chance to make cereal where the Queen once did!

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