Britney Says The Matching Denim Outfits She And Justin Timberlake Wore At The AMAs Was Her Idea

March 29, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Britney jean, indeed.

Britney jean, indeed.

Britney’s latest campaign with high-end fashion brand Kenzo has sparked some chatter regarding the princess of pop’s style.

In her new interview with Grazia magazine, the signer was asked about the iconic matching denim outfits she and ex JT rocked. It’s worth mentioning her interview in Grazia was translated into French, but Exhale member Safney translated it back into English for us. In other words, this most likely isn’t an exact quote from Queen B, but it’s probably pretty close.



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“It was my idea,” remembers Britney. “I love denim and corsets so that’s what I asked my stylist [to create]. As a joke, we gave Justin a jean jacket and honestly we thought he would never wear it., but he did and it went down in history.”



She added: “beyond the fact that we were matching, I think it’s because it was different. I was also wearing a lot of diamonds and I think that the casual side of jeans along with a lot of jewelry made the whole outfit very cool.”

Queen of denim.

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