Until recently the pop princess was insisting that pregnancy made you ****. Now the singer changed her mind and says it is a burden. Britney Spears cannot wait to give birth to her baby and recover her shape. Public happiness of Britney Spears and her husband Kevin Federline went to the point when American television shown six episodes of the reality show Britney&Kevin: Chaotic that presents all the stages of the couple’s relationship starting from their acquaintance last year in spring. Britney decided that the seventh episode must be devoted to the delivery of her baby. Spears shocked the audience claiming that the shooting would not be cut out. As reported, Britney asked for her favorite yellow roses in the ward and a CD with Disney cartoons’ songs to serve as a background. The singer also wants her husband to be present during the delivery and to comment on the event.

Credit: BritneyGlamour.com

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