She’s just begun having her fun.

She’s just begun having her fun.

I’ll be the first to admit Britney’s new SnapChat-Instagram post, about reassuring herself everything is going to be ok and to be mindful being about Sam Asghari, could be a reach, but the timing is curious.

If you’re not sure what’s going on, give this post a thorough read first.

Over the weekend, a reality TV scab named Morgan Osman tried soiling Britney’s newfound relationship with Asghari. Osman posted photos of her kissing him and tagged Britney in them, claiming she was dating Sam and that Brit is being played.

It was a low blow, and it could be the underlying subject Britney is referencing in her new video.

“My best friend told me today that everything’s gonna be OK, and that I need to be mindful,” she said, “and I need to read more books, but honestly all I really want to do is go to Paris and shop.”

Retail therapy?

And if Britney isn’t referring to anything I just mentioned, please ignore this entirely.

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She also shared a separate vid goofing around with Jayden.

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The funny thing about life is that there are rainy days, there are days that are meant for life to knock you on your *** and try to keep you down there, but these rainy days will leave an scar on you but never will change anything as long as you keep going, and at the end of the day those scars will represent your strength. So keep moving forward no matter what. ? @michaeloliveri

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