Britney keeps it 100 at her last Piece Of Me show.

Britney Says All Men Should **** Her... Toe

Britney Spears claims being single for a year has been very “profound.”

(We’d like to remind you Britney Spears was dating Charlie Ebersol up until June.)

During the “Freakshow” performance at Piece of Me on Saturday, Britney told concert-goers she’s learned a lot about herself during the time she’s been single, then sort of gave the middle finger to dating.

“Being single for a year has been very, very, very profound. And I feel like all men should **** my toe.”

Instead of walking the typical dude on a leash during the segment, Britney admits she’d prefer a girl. Perhaps Britney will take this edginess and slight resentment towards men into her music and create several rebellious songs a la Kelly Clarkson about the perils of love and discovering her independence as a single woman.

Before her relationship with Ebersol, Britney was opening up about her breakup with ex David Lucado. She admitted her next album will feature songs about hating men.

“You take the experiences you go through and definitely put it into your work,” she said. “I’m going to have a lot of ‘I hate men songs,’ and a lot of ‘I love men songs!'”

Watch it here:

We be keeping them up on their toes. They can laugh, but they don’t get the joke.