This reprehensible rap debut finally offers Britney Spears’ much-mocked husband a platform to answer that burning question: Who is the real K-Fed? “I’m looney/All these model chicks want to do me”; “I’m the pimp of all pimps”; “I come tight with every rhyme.” Boasts like these go on ad infinitum over fourteen tracks. Federline’s rhyme flow is the opposite of tight: His voice is decidedly Southern, only he clearly pronounces his “r”s and name-checks things like Tanqueray (so 1992!) and his Yankees cap. Britney almost saves this tragicomedy with some **** purring in her brief vocal cameo on “Crazy.” The rest is poison. If you can stomach making it all the way to the secret track, Federline actually offers one sage piece of advice: “Put your middle fingers up if you really don’t give a ****.”


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