Pussycat Doll to Steal Britney Spears’ Songs
Chances are good Birtney Spears wishes her career was hot like Nicole Scherzinger right now: the head Pussycat Doll might be stealing the bald, Jean-Luc Picard look-alike’s songs.

R&B singer Ne-Yo says he has written a number of songs for Spears’ “comeback” record but claims he might give them to **** Scherzinger, who is currently working on a solo album, after the troubled white trasher failed to show up for studio time with him.

“We set up no less than four sessions for Britney to just come and listen to the songs I wrote for her. She never showed up,” Ne-Yo tells Billboard. “I think they want me to hold these songs that I’ve written until she finishes going through her thing. But a couple might be perfect for The Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger, so…”

Ne-Yo has worked with such A-listers as Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown and Whitney Houston, and written No. 1 hits for Beyoncé (“Irreplaceable”) and Mario (“Let Me Love You”).

The hot, young artist will also release a new album of his own, Know Me, on May 1. No-Yo says first single “Because of You” is an ode to one of his favourite singers: Michael Jackson. The record also features a duet with it-girl Jennifer Hudson, who Ne-Yo explains put his singing chops to shame with her powerhouse performance.

“To be an artist is to crave acceptance, so it’s difficult to tell people things sometimes,” Ne-Yo says. “You almost have to take a back seat to the artist, especially if they’ve had a little bit of success. But by the grace of God, Jennifer Hudson is still normal. When I asked her to bring out a note, or change something, it was done. She out-sung me on my own song. It’s Jennifer Hudson featuring Ne-Yo.”

This story directly conflicts reports from MTV that Ne-Yo would wait for Britney until she’s ready:

Ne-Yo quoted reported by MTV: “I understand she’s fighting her demons right now. Everybody has the right to fight their demons and do what they got to do to heal up and get right. She’s doing that and I’mma keep on moving, doing what I’m doing. Once she’s ready, I’m a phone call away.”

Source: mtv.com, dose.ca/music

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