Someone explain this to me: WENN, the paparazzi company that took these shots, claim Britney wore the same exact outfit and visited the same exact restaurant she did two nights ago. Maybe they’re wrong. But wait! Britney is seen leaving Little Door with her cousin Laura Lynn and gal pal Courtney (both attended Britney’s wedding. [her first one.]) In the other set of pictures, Britney is seen leaving with her bodyguards and assistant Brett. Britney’s trying to trick us! They say a paparazzi shot is worth less if the star is in the same outfit as they were before. Tricky tricky. Oh, and can I please just say I’m so happy to see Britney hanging out with some longtime girlfriends. How long was I whining about that? And it’s happened! Good, I’m glad she’s got some old friends back in her life. I just picture all of them sitting around a fire in Brit’s home watching “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and eating pop corn, painting their nails and just laughing. Oh and in that same dream they’re having a pillow fight in their jammies. What!? Anyway, just go along thinking that they’re new unless we’re told otherwise. August 07, 2008. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

Source: WENN,

But Brett’s in the same clothes too. Hmmmm

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