Britney is back on track, but some sources claim she was faking it the whole time.

Britney Spears will rock Vegas once more come this Friday, but some think she was faking it all along.

The “Pretty Girls” singer confirmed her ankle is A-OK after twisting then tearing some ligaments while “bopping” on stage last week. She posted a pic of her replacing the boot with a smaller brace. But despite her efforts to heal in time for her next string of shows this weekend and continue rehearsing for her Billboard Music Awards performance with Iggy, some unnamed sources think she’s faking it.

An alleged source connected to the inner-workings of the show tells Radar Online, “many people involved with the production think she is faking the injury.” The site shows off photos of Britney playing football over the weekend in the sand sans the doctor-advised boot.

Britney Returns To Piece Of Me As Usual This Friday

Okay, that does LOOK a little sketchy, but rest assured Britney is 100% NOT faking it. Sources connected to the “Tom’s Diner” diva say the reports from Radar are denied “not true.”

Britney told Ellen DeGeneres of the fall:

“Well, I actually wasn’t doing anything that hard. I was just kind of bopping around. And I’ve done like eight years worth of shows. Plenty of shows! And I’ve never actually fell onstage, so it was really kind of embarrassing. But yeah, I fell down and I got up, and my dancers kind of guided me to keep going.”

Another day another drama, right Britney Army? See you Friday!