Britney Returns Home For Other Reasons

July 26, 2007 By Jordan Miller

The truth? The media has once again spun a story to make Britney look irresponsible and careless. Britney was not summoned back to L.A. by Kevin’s lawyers like People magazine is reporting. Here’s the truth.

Britney flew down to Vegas for the night and was staying at the Wynn, one of Vegas’ most luxurious hotels. As usual, the paparazzi were hounding Britney left and right. One overly agressive photographer decided to get a shot of Sean Preston in the security guard’s arms, but ended up knocking into the security guard (who is holding Sean at the time) in to a glass window. Britney gets very upset and emotional as she thinks Sean hit the glass. The security guard, who is in fact very protective of the babies, chased the paparazzo away.

Britney got flustered and decided to come home. No lawyers, no Kevin. Just once again, the paparazzi.